WP4 “Exchange of know-how and Standard methodologies according to EU protocols” concerns the creation of  a cross-border Network of cooperating Labs exchanging experiences and know-how on water quality analysis with emphasis on priority substances and harmonizing the relevant procedures. More specifically, inventory of current Water Monitoring capacity regarding priority substances in Albanian labs will be conducted by LB1who will be responsible for Customization of Encoding method for priority substances as well. B4 will be responsible for the interlaboratory calibration & debugging methodology using results from WP3 and its experience from WETLABUSE project while B5 will customize this methodology according to its needs. According to all above deliverables, B3 will conduct the joint monitoring guidelines related to priority substances assessment at a river-basin scale. B4 will also develop an e-platform for stakeholders consultation and know-how exchange. Seminars to local related authorities in Alb will take place and organized by LB1 and B4 about WFD application and EU policy and Initiatives as well as new technology in the application of WFD, respectively.