WP3 “Innovative water quality monitoring complying to WFD” concerns preparatory studies for the application of WFD in Albania, activities optimizing innovative monitoring methods and eco-hydrolobcal model applications. In particular, LB1 will conduct a study concerning legislation status regarding surface water bodies. B5 will be responsible for the implementation of the preparatory studies concerning the first steps of WFD implementation concerning the inventory of current situation of Albanian surface water bodies, identification of  individual river basins, characterization of a selected river basin district, development of a surveillance monitoring guide, as well as the implementation of a pilot action in a selected area in the cross border area. All above actions will contribute to development of strategic guidelines for EU legislation compliance including WFD in Albania. Additionally, new, innovative monitoring techniques will be applied for water quality monitoring of surface water bodies including: passive sampling for priority substances measurements, semi-autonomous navigated tool (GR), earth observation tools measuring water quality and land use intensity, ecohydrological modeling, surface topography and soil condition assessment via a combined LiDAR and Hyperspectral System. B4 will be responsible for pilot action and application of the aforementioned tools, while B2 will supply equipment and satellite images, as well as conduct IMPRESS analysis in the pilot area. Satellite images will be exploited for identification of  individual river basins and IMPRESS analysis. Outputs of the combined LiDAR – hyperspectral system will lead to more precise data for Edo-hydrological model and to the development of a soil hydrophobicity model for estimation of infiltration/runoff rate. Additionally a geodatabase according to INSPIRE Directive requirements will be developed by B5.